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You deserve a rapid return on your automation investment. Our team of experts provides a proven blueprint for success, deep industry knowledge, and best practices throughout your automation journey.

We take pride in our partnership with our customersWe celebrate success when you save money and improve agent engagement.

Guaranteed Savings. Guaranteed Results.

Customer Success Management


At Intradiem, we partner with our customers to achieve value realisation leveraging a proven Success Management model by providing ongoing subject matter expert guidance on Intradiem best practices and established methodology.

Use Case Planning  
As part of your Success Management engagement, we work with you to establish a strategic use case plan with a goal to help you achieve the most value with Intradiem. 

Change Management  
Using a proven Change Management model, we provide you with a framework that allows you to continue to iterate and advance your value with guidance from a subject matter expert throughout your automation journey.

Adoption Health Checks  
According to your Success Management engagement, your Intradiem Customer Success Manager will collaborate with your core Intradiem team during recurring meetings to provide an Executive Summary and a holistic overview of Intradiem adoption and investment return. 

Business Reviews 
In addition to recurring Adoption Health Checks, we will facilitate ongoing engagements to review the overall health of Intradiem and discuss your success roadmap with your leadership and internal partners.

Expertise Services


Every company is unique and so are its needs. At Intradiem, we offer a variety of specialised expertise business, technical, and training services to deliver more value to your organisation with Intradiem. 


Managed Services  
With Managed Services, you can outsource various functions to Intradiem, expanding your team’s resources and expertise. This includes services like Application Administration that helps you manage Intradiem’s Intelligent Automation solution, as well as Actionable Analytics that provides a detailed and targeted analysis of Intradiem adoption with action planning. Additional services are available to help fill knowledge gaps and free up resources. 


Consulting Services 
You can engage a subject matter expert to help you tackle specific challenges and initiatives to drive more value to your business with Intradiem. As an example, with Rapid Results Change Management, an Intradiem Customer Success Consultant will partner with you to develop and execute a customised comprehensive Change Management strategy to help employees in your organisation embrace and adopt Intradiem. 


Advanced Services  
We offer a variety of technical services for you to secure enterprise configuration for Intradiem, receive technical assistance to support internal IT and organisational changes, and receive the support that best meets your organisation’s needs. 


Training Services  
Knowledge is power. We can help you develop Intradiem expertise within your organisation by leveraging a variety of training options to educate and empower your team to deliver maximum results with Intradiem. 

Professional Services



Architecture Design
In-depth technical analysis to understand your third-party systems such as ACD, WFM, CRM, Performance Management, and other data sources to accurately design your Intradiem Intelligent Automation solution to your business needs. 


Our team of experts provides meticulous oversight and execution during your deployment, fully testing each technical integration, and customising business rules to create limitless possibilities for your organisation. 


Technical Enterprise
Precise network and infrastructure design, configuration and integration testing guarantee your technical platform will be installed meeting all security and IT compliance requirements and continuously reinforced during upgrades, migrations, and maintenance. 


Business Consulting
Focused planning and analysis workshops are designed around your business objectives to gather business decisions, permissions, and parameters that lay down the business solution foundation and ignite the creation of Intelligent Automation solution rules.

Community and Learning Resources


We offer a training strategy session for your company to review online training options for each learning group. This includes, but is not limited to:  Administrators, WFM Analysts, L&D Professionals, Supervisors/Managers, and Agents. Many of the learning groups can earn certifications during their on-demand instruction. 

Supplemental Resources
Our Spark Community provides additional resources that can be used to enhance learning, expand knowledge, and reinforce skills. You can find instructional videos, job aids, and infographics. 

Access to Experts and Peers
Connect with members of a growing community of automation professionals representing both Intradiem customers and staff. Ask questions and gain insightful knowledge by sharing best practices and experiences. 

Customer Care


Phone Support  
Regardless of where you are located, our team of trained experts is available to assist you. Get your questions answered and quickly resolve problems by calling our Customer Support Representatives at 0044 1279 721887
8 AM to 5 PM GMT (UK), or (888) 566-9457, Option #1, Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM ET (US).  

After Hours and Weekend Support Coverage
We are still here for you even when the sun goes down. Regardless of when you call, your case will be created and will be handled in accordance with our Service Level Agreement.   

Online Support  
Don’t ever feel left in the dark! Access our online portal anytime, any day – 24/7/365 – where you can make an inquiry, view and track the status of your request, communicate with a representative, and update your inquiry. Simply login to our  Support Portal.  

Intradiem’s Knowledge Base – WebHelp  
Review the WebHelp knowledge base featuring anything and everything you need to know about automation, the rules engine, driving adoption and achieving your value proposition.  
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