Frequently Asked Questions about Call Centre Automation

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What is Intelligent Automation?

What type of call centre automation technology does Intradiem provide?

Intradiem provides Intelligent Automation solutions for Customer Service teams. Our patented AI-powered technology processes the massive amounts of time-sensitive data generated by your centre – in real time – and takes immediate action to support staff working in the contact centre, back office, or remotely – every minute of every day. This intelligent technology has been built on the management best practices of dozens of the world’s leading brands, and it continues to become more powerful every day.

Does Intradiem’s automation technology integrate with other call centre software?

Yes, Intradiem’s call centre solution integrates with standard Automatic Call Distributors (ACD) systems and Workforce Management (WFM) systems.

Ensure Remote Agent Security and Compliance

Login Validation

How can contact centre supervisors ensure agents log in at the expected shift start time?

Intradiem’s Intelligent Automation solution automatically notifies a contact centre supervisor or operations manager when the shift start has passed time and the agent has not logged in.

Unauthorised Login Detection

How do I ensure agents receive proper security and compliance training, as well as various updates to policies?

Intradiem’s call centre automation solution leverages idle time to deliver required security and compliance training as well as ongoing security and compliance updates.

Workplace Audits

How do I complete remote workplace audits?

Contact centre managers can conduct a 1:1 home office webcam audit with the agent when call volumes unexpectedly subsite and when the manager is available. The Intelligent Assistant integrates with the ACD and WFM to identify the appropriate time by leveraging real-time data.

Provide Remote Contact Centre Agent Support

How can call centre supervisors keep track of Average Handle Time (AHT) when managing a remote team of agents?

With Intelligent Automation, call centre managers set up alerts when agents are spending longer than expected the expected threshold in After Call Work (ACW), Hold Time, and Talk Time, etc.

How will call centre managers know if agents need help with a call?

The Intelligent Automation solution will ask the agent if he/she needs assistance when their time spent in a particular agent state (i.e. talk time, hold time, after call work) is longer than expected and passes a predefined threshold. This improve average handle time and reduces contact centre operating cost.

What does the workforce management team do if they need more agents to urgently log in to handle unexpected spikes in call centre volume?

The workforce management team can set business rules within the automation platform to email or text available agents who are not working to see if they are available to take calls.

Improve Call Centre Agent Engagement

How can supervisors work with agents to make sure they have opportunities to learn and grow?

Call centre automation identifies and leverages unexpected dips in call volume to meet with agent for one-on-one coaching.

How can supervisors keep agents informed about what is going on in the organisation?

Call centre automation sends critical communication updates when call volume permits.

How can contact centre managers recognise agents for doing a good job?

The automation platform leverages rules-based decision making to offer agents a surprise break during low call volume in order to proactively recognise top agent performance.

How can contact centre organisations offer agents schedule flexibility?

The Intelligent Automation software integrates with the ACD and WFM to read agent schedules, queue data, upcoming assignments and more to identify the appropriate agents to offer voluntary time off (VTO) when volume is lower than expected, OR offer voluntary overtime (VOT) when volume is higher than expected.